Backyard Bird Watching For Elders

If you or your elder is looking for a great hobby to take up that is both relaxing and rewarding, you needn’t look any further than backyard birdwatching. This is a great activity for elderly folks since they can participate in it regardless of their physical condition. Install a bird feeder or two and pull a chair up next to the window and you’ve got an instant hobby! Having a bird guide nearby will help to enhance their birdwatching binoculars activity as they will be able to identify all the various birds that stop by.

Sharing Bird Watching With Friends

This is also a great hobby to share with friends – at your place, or theirs. Enjoying the company of others while participating in a non taxing activity can really help elderly folks bond and make their days quite enjoyable. Perhaps your elder would like to join a bird watching group in your local area. This is a great way to meet others in their area and is a great way to get out and about to bird watch with others.

Many senior groups plan outings based on the mobility of members of the group. Those who wish to travel further from home to do some birdwatching can do so with the group, while other groups will stay closer to or in home to do their birdwatching.

Bird Watching Can Really Brighten An Elder’s Day

Watching and keeping track of various bird species is an exciting past time. So many sights and sounds to enjoy! All the birds – even the nasty crows and blue jays – are beautiful in their own way and their chirping can be soothing to listen to. You may want to consider putting in a bird bath for your elder’s new friends, as well as a small garden.

Bird baths always seem to attract a wide range of birds, and gardens will be very busy with a wide range of birds in the spring and summer months. You’ll find that species such as the humming bird will love your garden and would also love to have some of that ever popular humming bird food in their special feeder.

This can be purchased or made at home quite easily as it’s really just sugar and water. There are many feeders – including the humming bird feeder that can attach to your windows so getting a really close up view is quite easy.

You may also want to consider a bird house or two as well.

Bird watching for elders – or anyone else for that matter – can be enhanced even further by setting some chairs up in the backyard. You’ll be amazed at how close the birds will come once they find out you or your elder isn’t to be feared. You’ll also be likely to see other wildlife stop on by as well, making your trips to the backyard extra special.