Best Hunting Binoculars: Vortex Optics Razor HD 10×42

The Right Hunting Binoculars Are Key To Any Enthusiasts Trek And Having Certain Features Will Improve The Odds Of Your Success

All hunting binoculars are not one size fits all. Why juggle among binoculars when you can choose the best engineered hunting binoculars that will serve you well on any hunting trip? A little education will serve you well before making your selection. My pick as the best hunting binoculars is the Vortex Optics Razor HD 10×42.

There are several details a hunter must look for buying binoculars:

Optical Lens and Magnification

Choosing the right number can make all the difference in your hunting binoculars. Should you choose a 10×25 magnification? The number of the left, the 8 is the magnification. This is the number of times the binoculars will magnify your prey. The number on the right is the objective lens diameter and this represents the lens furthest from your eyes. This also determines how bulky the binocular is. While you may tend to think a large bulky hunting binocular is not a quality hunting binocular that is not true. Binoculars with larger objective lens are better in low light and serve the hunter well. This is where the Razor HD really shines.

best binoculars for hunting deer

Fully Multi-coated FMC Lenses

These types of lenses have more than one layer of anti-reflective coating on both sides. They let less light in and improve the resolution and color. Again the Vortex Optics Razor binoculars are among the best in its class.


Hunting Binoculars are used in all types of weather and you’ll benefit from weatherproofing. You’ll certainly pay a few more dollars but you won’t have to worry about repairs or purchasing a new pair of hunting binoculars.

Spotting Scope

This feature will open up the possibilities for your hunting experience. The use of a spotting scope while hunting helps you distinguish animals from look-alike prey, spot distant animals and provides clarity you won’t get with your high-powered binoculars. With the style of a telescope, the spotting scope operates at a higher magnification bringing your prey closer to visualize and enjoy.

Before purchasing your hunting binoculars review several different pairs to ensure you’re choosing the ones just right for you. They should be rugged with good magnification, clarity and comfortable to withstand your trek.

And above all else, before deciding on your hunting binoculars choose ones that will provide a good warranty that offers your money back. Ask the salesperson questions. It could save you a ton of money.

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